"As a retired U.S. Army Major, former Sheriff's Detective, and High School & Community College teacher, Forty-Seven Seconds is not a fluff manual with dream solutions, but the perfect tool - not only for educators, but for the whole community. Businesses, Churches, Hospitals to help protect themselves, reduce liability, and take control of situations they might find themselves in this ever changing World."

 Billy A. Gumm, retired teacher and police detective

"Brilliant!  A superb resource for school, college, and the workplace.  The book is a life saving, life changing resource, an effective and vital tool to help us to make our part of the world a safer place."

 Lt. Col. Dave Grossman
Author of On Killing, On Combat, and Assassination Generation

Mark, you have squarely hit the target with this book!  It should be a mandatory read for every teacher and school administrator in this country.  For that matter, it should be required reading for anyone who is in control of a space and is responsible for the people who occupy it!  Safe schools workshops should be designed and taught based on the wealth of information found in this book.  Forty-Seven Seconds is an outstanding resource...."

Nancy L. Kloss, former high school principal