“It could never happen here…”
It’s what we all think—until the unthinkable presents itself and everything changes in a heartbeat.

Forty-Seven Seconds is a common sense resource for educators, administrators, anyone who works at a school. Because any school can be a target. It is also for those who work anywhere that might be thought of as vulnerable to attack—anyplace where the lives of those working could be at risk.

Mark Williams’ years in law enforcement, as well as his experiences as an educator have provided him with a unique perspective into the problem of what to do when faced with the 47 seconds that could determine your survival in a crisis—and the survival of those around you. The book is a quick, enjoyable read, packed with clear and valuable insights into the life and death events our college teacher programs never prepare us for. It will ask hard, personal questions of you, but delivers solid information simply and understandably. It will challenge you.

And it will provide key points to remember if you should ever find yourself in one of those critical, life-and-death situations we all tell ourselves could “…never happen here.”